• [04]  Welded Words Bag, Wallet & Stool  +

    Research into Induction Welding, has lead to the development of a custom method of joining PVC layers using brass letterpress blocks. No matter what the  typographic welds say. they are always completely functional, with the weld created requiring no additional adhesive. We have used this process to design a range of objects, where their structure is created from the descriptive welds which hold the objects together.

    Bag (2017) PVC coated Cotton, w/ Welded Seams 400×420mm + Straps
    Wallet (2017) PVC coated Cotton, w/ Welded Seams 100×150mm
    Stool (2017) PVC coated Cotton Seat, 300×800mm. w/ Powder Coated Steel Legs 600mm