Upon investigating the process of weaving, a textile has been created by using  binary data to determine the thread formation of a weave. This particular textile documents two significant and undoubtedly connected political events in 2016. On the x-axis is the US presidential, a red thread indicating a US States vote for Donald Trump and a blue for Hilary Clinton. For instance Alabama is red and California is blue. On the Y axis is the UK EU referendum with a red thread indicating a town's vote for Leave and a blue for Remain. For instance Epsom is blue as it voted to Remain and Ashford is red as it voted overall to Leave. Each US state and UK town's political majority is woven together to provide a unique pattern. At first this process was undertaken by hand but subsequently it has been digital woven with an aim to produce garments for the pattern created.

    Hand Woven Textile (2016) Wool, 600×1200mm
    Digital Woven Textile (2017) Wool, 300×1000mm