Frustrated by the lack of cross-course collaboration at Kingston School of Art, the Interdisciplinary Project was set up to resolve the situation by creating a platform where students can interact with other students beyond the realms of their own course. The first task was to gather a member of every course in the Art School and democratically create an identity that would form the visual language for the platforms presence within the university. In groups of 3 participants articulated qualities of interdisciplinary practice to one another, writing them down on a grid. A selection of these quality were visualised as small flags before combining them in one big flag that acted as a toolbox of shapes for all future material.

    Flag (2016) Digital Print on Mesh, 1600×1200mm.
    Flag Workshop at Stanley Picker Gallery (2016) 18 Participant, 2hrs: 1hr Word Generation, 1hr Creating Flags.
    Website (2017) Archive & Information Hub for Students, 6pgs.
    Interdisciplinary Week (2017) 21 Workshops from Students & Alumni
    Interdisciplinary Week Space (2017) 9 Movable Translucent Fabric Walls

    w/ Carol Bergin, Cecilia McCormick & Alice Stewart