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    Taking initial inspiration from the French literary group OuLiPo and the Dutch Studio Moniker, who believe that constraints can be a highly productive method of creating output. This text seeks to validate Conditional Design, a visual as a fundamental method of supporting a student’s design education. Though this text should not be seen as an exhaustive dissection of Conditional Design, its discoveries prove that if the limitations are imposed in a non-arbitrary, they can be successful method of helping students make design decisions at further and higher levels of education. This premise has been explored through the analysis of projects from Kingston University Foundation Diploma, the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and the conduction of a workshop held at the Stanley Picker Gallery with students from all three basic degree years and courses from Kingston University Faculty o

    Conditional Design: Using Preset Constraints as a Pedadgocial Design Tool (2016) Hardback Book w/ Letterpressed Cover, Essay: 9136 Words